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The consortium consisting of U Thrive Europe ASBL (Brussels, Belgium), THE MERAKI PEOPLE (Peloponnisos, Greece), and REGIONALNE CENTRUM WOLONTARIATU (Świętokrzyskie, Poland) as Partners and ASD Sport Compass (Sassari, Italy) as Leader are running the project Cineforum from 01/09/2022 to 01/09/2023.

The ‘CINE-forum’ project aims to promote the use of film as a non-formal education tool to raise awareness and stimulate critical thinking among adult learners. 

In a world that constantly evolves, education too must adapt to engage and empower learners effectively. The CINE-Forum project is an innovative initiative aimed at harnessing the power of film as a non-formal education tool to foster critical thinking, initiative, and social awareness among adult learners. This post delves into the objectives, implementation strategies, and expected results of this exciting project.

The main activities of the project are:

Comparative research and training format

International CINE-forum training

Local CINE-forum seminar


Objective 1: Promoting Film as an Educational Tool The first objective of the CINE-Forum project is to promote the benefits of using film as a non-formal education tool. Educators play a crucial role in shaping the minds of adult learners. Through the integration of film-based educational approaches, the project aims to stimulate the intellectual curiosity and initiative of adult learners. By utilizing the medium of film, educators can tap into a powerful source of inspiration and critical thinking.

Objective 2: Encouraging Social Engagement The second objective is to stimulate adults to think deeply about vital social topics, including environmental protection, social inclusion, and self-development. By fostering discussions around these subjects through film, the project aims to inspire action within the communities where participants reside. Ultimately, the project seeks to empower adults to take proactive steps that benefit their local communities.



Research and Best Practices To achieve its objectives, the CINE-Forum project will implement a series of carefully planned activities:

• National and International Research: The project will conduct comprehensive research at both national and international levels to understand the specific needs and preferences of the target groups. This research will also identify best practices in film-based education.

• International CINE-Forum Seminar: An international seminar will be organized, attracting educators from diverse backgrounds. The seminar will equip participants with the necessary competencies to effectively use film-based educational approaches, encouraging active citizen participation.

• Local CINE-Forum Events: The project will host local CINE-Forum events involving adults of different generations. These events will serve as platforms for engaging participants in meaningful debates, discussions, and film-related activities. These local events will contribute to the creation of a toolkit for future use.



The CINE-Forum project aims to achieve the following results:

• CINE-Forum Training Format: The project will develop a comprehensive training format that integrates film into non-formal education methodologies. This format will serve as a valuable resource for educators seeking to engage adult learners effectively.

• Toolkit Creation: The toolkit developed during the local CINE-Forum events will contain questionnaires, statistics, and methods for implementing similar activities in the future. This toolkit will be a practical resource for educators and community leaders.

• Enhanced Educator Competencies: Through participation in the project, educators will enhance their abilities to stimulate the sense of initiative in adults using non-formal education methodologies, particularly through post-movie debates.

• Community Engagement: As a long-term result, the project anticipates an improvement in the active participation of adults within their local communities. By sparking discussions and encouraging action on important social topics, the CINE-Forum project strives to empower individuals to make a positive impact on their communities.


In conclusion, the CINE-Forum project represents an innovative approach to adult education, harnessing the power of film to inspire critical thinking, initiative, and community engagement. By achieving its objectives and implementing these strategies, the project seeks to empower adults to become active agents of positive change in their communities, ultimately fostering a more informed, engaged, and participatory society.

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